Welcome to Garden Jem's Consulting

  • Lawn and garden maintenance advice

Let me outline how to care for your landscape.  Not everyone wants to be gardening as a hobby  but most of us would like to have an outdoor space we can enjoy.  If you need some instruction on gardening basics, I can provide you with guidelines specific to your property.

Suggestions will include basic gardening techniques, where and when to plant, what tools to use, how to care for your plants, soil,, watering, winterizing and otherwise protecting your garden.

  • Plant Identification

Knowing the names of the plants in your yard and garden can be very helpful in getting familiar and comfortable with their care.   Of course it also makes it easier when going to the garden center to get more of the same!  Just recognizing which green things are weeds and which are your flowers will give you a big boost in gardening confidence.

  • Personal shopping

Speaking of going to the garden center….it can be overwhelming and intimidating to be faced with so many choices.  It can also get expensive quickly if you can’t decide on what you want and end up buying more than you need.  Having a personal shopper to go with you can help save you from buying plants that may or may not be appropriate for your garden.  It can also save you money by keeping quantities to what is actually needed for your situation.

  • Diagnosis-Plant health problems

Sometimes, even when you do everything right, flowers, trees, shrubs or lawns refuse to cooperate and they aren’t telling you what the problem is. Give me a call to come over and figure out what the heck is pestering them. After identifying the source of the problem, a proper treatment can be prescribed.

  • Design suggestions and referrals

Maybe you just need a little advice on where to situate new garden bed or visualize a landscape that suits your life style and budget.  I can help with suggestions, plant lists, garden bed diagrams and more.   Referrals are available, if more extensive plans and drawings are needed.

  • Aesthetic pruning

This is expressive and practical pruning to enhance a plant’s natural character.  Shaping and training small ornamental and edible trees, shrubs and vines up to 12’.  

My Fees :

$100.00  for 1st hour all coaching services (minimum of one hour) plus travel time for distances greater than 20 miles fromSt. Paul, MN. 

$250.00  For basic garden design and layout.


$50 PER HOUR for each additional hour. There's no charge for my follow-up research and emails with more advice and plant suggestions



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